2015 storage and information of the workers' outdoor leisure activities

May 23, storage channel flange of the staff and workers of the one bright clothes, smiling, to celebrate the 2015 session storage channel flange workers outdoor leisure development activities. The first stop is Yongjia college, we visited the thirty percent off waterfalls, sky, sea lions and other lunar landscape. At noon we shift travel to Baizhang waterfall at a farmhouse meal, farm vegetables, taste of green food, all is the mountain of the most simple and delicious! Straight into the afternoon we climb the winding paths, step stone staircase, climb the steep Baizhang peak. After the chairman Zha...

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Chu Xin enterprises(referred Chu Xin abbreviation CHX) located in Taihu coast, has a beautiful scenery, a long history for thousands of years in Wuxi. set of steel trade, a comprehensive enterprise of sreel processing, chemical environmental protection equipment production installation. Dedicated stainless steel productionm, processing, trade, distribution.
Company strength, reliable quality, key products has entered the mass of petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, container, railway, automobile, city light rail, large-scale power plants, and other key areas and emerging industries.
In the field of environmental protection of chemical industry, we based on the achievements in scientific research, in order to attract talent development, along with the development of national policy call,social economy, Chu Xin enterprises focu on research anddevelopment of high-tech chemical products on environmental protection, to"improve the environment,expect everyone to do his duty"social responsibility extended chemical environmental protrction,and become a with independent qualification of the rich potential of high-tech chemical and environmental comprehensive enterrprise.
We keep pace with time.the harmonious developmen, adhere to the perple-oriented, and create a harmonious and safe storage enterprises,believe people pursue the country work,the pursuit of excellence.

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